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1-Page Style Guide

You want to build strong brands that are recognizable and identifiable. You want to keep your brand consistent. Use this 1-Page Style Guide to help you, your brand, and your team aligned.

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Build an Identifiable Brand for You and Your Clients

You spent so much time and energy defining the brand strategy and building the visual identity. With the strong foundation, now you want to make sure everything stays consistent. You can make it easy for you, your client, and their team by building a 1-Page Style Guide. Outline how you can use and apply the different elements of the brand in a clear and quick way. Save time and keep everyone working on the brand aligned.

From the creator

Why did I create the Style Guide template?

One thing that would take up a lot of time in my process is building a style guide for my client. I want you to save your precious time and focus on building strong brands and impacting your client's lives.

That's why I created this 1-page brand guide. It's a template that you can plug and play however you like. Having the 1-page brand guide will help you keep everything aligned. Everyone that is working on the brand can use and apply the different brand elements consistently.


Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this guide for?

For designers who want to save time in communicating how to use and apply all the different brand elements. For strategists who want to keep everyone working on the brand aligned. For anyone who wants to build a recognizable brand through a consistent brand experience.

What program did you use to create the Style Guide template?

The template is created in Illustrator and saved as eps. You’ll get all of the instructions on how to use the file in the Style Guide booklet pdf.

Do you have other free resources?

Yes I do. You’ll find more resources and links after you download the Style Guide Template.

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