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Empathy Map

You want to help your clients empathize with their ideal customers so they can create better offerings. You also want to save time while still giving them your best work. These 3 Empathy Map templates make your process easier and faster.

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Save Time and Concentrate on the Things You Love Doing

Concentrate on strategy and design
Align your client with their customers
Visualize your client’s superfans
Choose the right template for each project
Craft a beautiful empathy map
Save time and money

Deliver Your Best Work

You ran a strategy with your client and researched their ideal customer. Now you want to craft a tangible translation of what you uncovered. Instead of spending time building an Empathy Map grid again and again, choose the one that works best for your project. Invest your precious time in selecting the best images and presenting a professional Empathy Map to your client.

From the creator

Why did I create the
3 Empathy Map templates?

To help my students craft a compelling visual identity, I created different templates for different learning styles and project needs. While explaining and sharing the Empathy Map templates and samples with another strategist, I realized that other creatives might benefit from them too. So I decided to share them with you.

I’ve included the templates, examples and instructions on how I create Empathy Maps for my clients. As a bonus, I’m including a link to a short video showing how I created the MomentEight Empathy Map.


Frequently Asked Questions

Who are these templates for?

For designers who want to bring their own superfans to life. For strategists who want to help their clients envision and empathize with their ideal customers. For anyone who’s interested in diving deep to uncover their client’s worldview and create offerings that speak to their minds and hearts.

What program did you use to create the Empathy Map templates?

The templates are created in Illustrator and saved as eps. You’ll get all of the instructions on how to use the files in the Empathy Map booklet pdf.

Do you have other free resources?

Yes I do. You’ll find more resources and links after you download the Empathy Map.

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