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How to Find Your
Ideal Client

You want to attract people who see the impact and value of what you do. You also want to save time and start connecting with them right now. This workbook will help you build a better brand by getting to know your ideal client with 7 steps.

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Find Your Super Fans and Start Connecting with Them

Get clarity on who you serve
Uncover your client’s needs
Align your products and services with your clients
Find your clients in the real world
Learn how to connect with your clients
Save time with these steps to follow

Build a Brand that Thrives

You put in all the time into your business, now you want to see results. You want to connect with people who love your product and services, and believe in what you do. Knowing your ideal client will help you start attracting people you'd love to work with. Invest your resources strategically by uncovering their needs and learning how your brand can impact their lives.

From the creator

Why did I create this workbook?

It’s truly frustrating when your brand doesn’t attract the right clients, I understand the pain. I want to help you build a better brand and make a difference in people's lives. It's the best feeling ever!

One of the most important assets your brand will ever have is your clients, so you want to make their dreams come true. With the 7 steps to follow in the workbook, you'll have a clear vision of what you make, who you serve, and how you can make their lives better.


Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this workbook for?

For designers who want to create a design that speaks to the hearts and minds of your client and their customers. For strategists who want to connect with their ideal clients and help them connect with their ideal customers. For anyone who’s interested in building a brand that thrives by attracting people they'd love to work.

Can I use these steps for my client's brand?

Yes, you can use the workbook for any brand you'd like. The steps are versatile and applicable to understanding clients and customers of any brand.

Do you have other free resources?

Yes I do. You’ll find more resources and links after you download the workbook.

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