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How to Translate Words and Ideas into Visuals

You want to feel confident about building visuals for yourself and your clients. This exercise will help you start thinking about how you can translate words and abstract ideas into an effective visual language. Grow your confidence with these 5 steps.

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Feel More Confident in
Your Process

Discover the joy in visualizing your qualities
Repeat the steps for your client's brand
Fill in the gaps in your process
Find alignment between strategy and design
Start building the right visuals for each project

Build Visuals that Connect Strategy and Design

You want to create designs that connect your client's brand with their customers. With this exercise, you can start thinking about what you need to translate everything you come up in the strategy workshop to visuals. No more guessing your way through your process. Practice visualizing your qualities and begin elevating your process with these 5 steps.

From the creator

Why did I create this workbook?

While interacting with other creatives and sharing my process, I learned that many brand strategists feel like they still don't know how to bridge the thinking, planning, and strategy of their client's brand into visuals.

I created this workbook to help you start filling the gaps in your process and feeling confident about building visuals. It's a 5-step personal exercise to help you start thinking how to go about translating everything you come up with in the strategy to visuals.


Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this workbook for?

For designers who want to translate the thinking, planning, and strategy of their client’s brand into visuals. For strategists who want to fill the gaps in their process of building visuals rooted in strategy. For anyone who wants to feel confident about crafting a unique, meaningful and impactful design based on strategy.

I want to dig deeper about translating words and ideas into visuals. What can I do next?

I offer a personalized 1:1 workshop to help you create compelling visual identity through a repeatable step-by-step process. It's a workshop uniquely tailored to your areas of interest, your preferred methods of learning, and your specific goals. You can read more and sign up for the workshop here.

Do you have other free resources?

Yes I do. You’ll find more resources and links after you download the workbook.

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