Translate Strategy into Design with Confidence

Personalized 1:1 workshop to create compelling visual identity through a repeatable step-by-step process.

Learn How

Learn to Translate Your Client’s Vision and Their Customer’s Needs into Visual Design


Create clear alignment between brand strategy and identity design.


Translate words and abstract ideas into an effective visual language.


Develop a repeatable process for turning strategy into strong visual design.

Hello, I'm Anat

I’ve been exactly where you are. Now it’s your turn to learn my secrets.

I’m here to teach you everything I know about translating strategy into design with consistently great results. I'll show you my repeatable behind-the-scenes process.

You’ll learn the best questions to ask clients during strategy sessions to get specific visual cues. Discover how to connect the dots between brand strategy and visual language, and design a brand that reflects your client’s vision and speaks to the hearts and minds of their ideal customers.

From Strategy to Design

Gain confidence in your process. Find joy in creating visual identity.

A Personalized 1:1 Workshop
Just for You

This is a one-on-one workshop completely tailored to your needs. Come just as you are, with a project in mind, and get support every step of the way. We’ll focus on your areas of interest, your preferred methods of learning, and your specific goals.

Gain the Accountability
You’ve Been Missing

You won’t go through this process alone. We’ll work together to create an approach that works for you, uncover the unique backstories of your clients and their customers, and build brands that reflect the best of all worlds.

Reconnect with Your Passion
for Design

Fill in the gaps in your approach, and see how the different pieces of your process fall into place from beginning to end. Get easy-to-follow streamlined steps from strategy to design that you can use over and over again with your clients.

Elevate Your Strategy,
Reignite Your Joy

Know the right questions to ask to build a brand with strategy and purpose. Find the clarity you’ve been looking for and create breathing room for your work to reignite your passion and joy for design.

How Does It Work?


01 Clarify

We’ll dive deep into building your own process through a series of workshop intensives. Two hours, twice a week for 1 month.


02 Explore

We’ll learn by doing through assignments with full accountability between each workshop.

Get Support

03 Grow

We’ll check in after you apply your new process to client work.

Ready to Translate Strategy to Design with Confidence?

Here is what you’ll get:

1:1 Workshop

Step-by-step process to translate strategy to design
Homework and practices
Workbook and fillable workbook
Templates, examples and deck
Session recordings


Access to Anat for a whole month
Work in Miro for a fun, hands-on experience
One hour free Zoom call with Anat after the workshop is done

From Strategy to Design Workshop Curriculum

01 Brand

Uncover Your*
Brand's Uniqueness

*You can either work on your brand or your client’s brand

Mindmap your brand's vision
Declare the possibilities for your brand’s future and the impact you want to make.
Define your brand’s purpose and values
Reveal why you exist, the reason you’re in business, and what you stand for.
Specify your brand’s uniqueness

Uncover what makes you different and how it plays into the visual design.
Stand out from the competition

Research your competitors to understand how to make your brand better and distinct.

02 Ideal Client

Find Your Superfan

Know your ideal client

Dig deep into your ideal client’s worldview to discover who your superfan is.
Uncover your ideal client’s typical day

Put yourself in your ideal client’s shoes to reveal their tangible world.
Craft an Empathy Map
Visualize your ideal client by curating vivid images of their behaviors and attitudes.

03 Visual Design

Craft Your Brand's
Look and Feel

Specify your brand’s look & feel
Clarify what you want to convey to others when looking at your brand.
Define your essence

Bring everything together to find repeated patterns and define your brand’s core.
Curate visual design images

Explore and uncover images that tell the story of your brand.
Assemble visual boards & a brandscape

Create unique boards with a mix of images that bring your brand’s vision to life.
Design your logo

Craft the visual essence of your brand. Design a simple, appropriate and memorable logo.
Create the visual design

Translate the curated images into your brand’s unique visual language.
Apply all to a brand guide

Create guidelines for your brand to keep it consistent and identifiable.

This Workshop is For


Who want to translate the thinking, planning, and strategy of their client’s brand into visuals.


Who want to get confident about crafting a unique, meaningful and impactful design based on strategy.


Who can see that developing a repeatable process for creating designs based on strategy will enhance their business.

See Students’ Work

What happens when you’re confident about translating strategy into design? You get more joy from what you do, you charge more for your designs, and you build brands that connect your clients to their customers!

Don’t Take My Word for It

Hear from students who went through the whole process, and be inspired by their transformation.

Thank you so much for sharing your process with me. The way you explained it simplified everything in a way that makes total sense. The biggest value in working with you was talking one on one and going through the process together. It allowed me to fill in the gaps I had in my design process and really just fall in love with design again. Now I have an easy-to-follow, streamlined process that I can keep repeating with my own clients – and the confidence to take a step back and do things my own way. I enjoyed my experience with you – I learned so much!

Yaritsa ArenasBrand Strategist + Designer
Long Island City, NY

Don’t Enroll in This Workshop if...

you’re not 100% committed

You need to be fully committed to the From Strategy to Design workshop if you want to see results. If you’re not ready to do the work, it doesn’t make sense to waste your time and money.

you don’t want to charge more for design

If you adopt the process we cover in this workshop, your clients will feel seen and heard, you’ll spend less time on revisions, and you’ll be able to charge more for your work.

you’re not ready to invest in yourself

To take your business to the next level, you have to invest in yourself. It will take time and effort to master the process. But when you do, you’ll have a skill for life.

To get there you need to allow the time to master the process. It won’t happen overnight. It took me 25 years to get here. Now it’s your turn to learn in a month what I achieved in decades.

What's Your Investment?

Limited spots. Applications only.

One Payment of


Three Monthly Payments of


No Risk, 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

7-Day Money Back Guarantee

The workshop is completely tailored to your needs. I meet you where you are and teach you in the way you learn the best. I believe so much in the value you’ll receive from my From Strategy to Design 1:1 workshop that I offer a 100% refund if you’re not completely satisfied.

If you decide that the workshop is not a good fit for you after the first 7 days, you may request a refund. You’ll need to show proof that you completed the assignments and homework during the first week in order to receive a refund. I’ll also ask you to elaborate on what didn’t work for you in order to make the workshop better for other students.

Frequently Asked Questions

What project am I going to work on during the workshop?

You can either work on your own brand or your client’s brand. It’s completely up to you.

What programs do I need to be familiar with?

In our sessions we work in Miro, an online collaborative whiteboarding platform. You don’t need to be familiar with it. Your homework can be done in any program you’re comfortable with. The homework templates are done in Illustrator and InDesign. We’re also going to gather images and share a folder on Pinterest.

How much time should I spend on homework?

You should spend around 6-8 hours a week including the 4-hour workshop. Design needs time to grow and evolve. It’s not a once and done thing, it’s a process that requires some space and reflection. Each session is built on our previous session and your homework.

If I would like to learn more about a certain topic, are you open to teaching me?

Absolutely!!! This is one of the primary reasons I’m running the workshop one on one. I want you to get as much as you can from the process and interaction with me. I’m here to teach you what I know and what you want to learn.

How is this 1:1 workshop different from other courses?

I chose to run From Strategy to Design as a 1:1 workshop because I know that most of us have purchased courses online that we never finished. Sometimes we don’t even start. I want you to get as much as possible out of this workshop. I want you to learn in your own unique way, have your questions answered immediately, and get the accountability you need to complete the workshop.

What will we create together?

A step-by-step process to translate strategy into design. We’ll start with strategy exercises and the right questions to ask. I’ll teach you my thought process for how to translate words and abstract ideas into images. We’ll curate images to create boards to align with your client and ignite your imagination. We’ll create a logo and visual language based on the brandscape. We’ll apply all of that to a brand guide.

Who is this workshop for?

This workshop is for designers and strategists who are looking for a repeatable step-by-step process to translate brand strategy into visual identity. It’s for you if you’re interested in co-creating with your client and making them feel seen and heard. It's for you if you want to create designs that connect your clients with their customers. And it’s for you if you want to increase the value of the work you do.

You can use the strategy exercises as is or plug them into your existing process. It’s up to you.

Ask Anat Anything

If you still have questions about the From Strategy to Design 1:1 workshop, let’s schedule a Zoom call. I would love to answer any questions you have.

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