Build the brand you’re passionate about

Be the brand your customers love to love

You deserve to tell your story

Jump-starting your brand can be tricky. Build your brand around yourself and your customers. Share your passion. And turn your dreams into reality.



Build lasting relationships with your ultimate fans.

You’re the best

When it comes to your company, you know best. Which is why we work together from the get-go. Building on your expertise and mine. Creating an action plan to build your awesome brand.

How do we get there?

1. Clarify


Creating your roadmap

2 days / 6 hours a day


2. Define


Roadmap progress

3 check-ins / 1 week apart / 1 hour each


3. Achieve


Roadmap delivery

After 3rd check-in / 1 hour


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Frequently asked questions

What is brand strategy? Brand strategy is a roadmap to achieve your goals. To get there, we workshop with you to define and align your goals, your brand and your ideal customers. Then we come up with a plan to achieve your goals and turn your customers into your biggest fans.

Why do you start every project with a Brand Strategy workshop? To come up with the right solutions for your unique business, we need to know what’s in your heart. So we can help you build a brand that reflects your passion, speaks directly to your ideal customer and aligns with your goals.

What will I get out from the Brand Strategy workshop? You’ll gain clarity on where you’re headed and how to get there. We’ll create a road map that sums up everything we discussed so you can move forward with a brand you love.

Who is the Brand Strategy workshop for? Primary stakeholders of the company.

Is the workshop worth it? My clients and I think it is. But you should decide for yourself. I created the Brand Strategy workshop to help you come up with a clear plan to achieve your business goals and build your brand. Click the button below to talk to me about how we can work together.

What comes after the workshop? You'll decide if you want to continue working with me or your favorite designer to implement your new brand strategy.

How do I sign up for the workshop? First we hop on a Zoom call to see if we’re a good fit. Click the button below, it will take you to a short questionnaire. After you complete it, you can choose a date for our conversation.

A picture of Sebastian Lecona

My graphics and marketing materials were not representing the essence of my business and how it feels to work with me. So when I saw the opportunity to work with Anat, I knew that was the way to make great change happen. I had to be open to changing absolutely everything. I wouldn’t have done it with anyone else. She was the only person I could trust with such an important task. And I’m incredibly glad I had Anat’s help with this! Anat was incredibly supportive during the whole process and really helped me exponentially grow my brand in depth and breadth. Now it truly represents me and the experience of my clients when working with me.

The best decision I’ve made for my business, no doubt!

Sebastian Lecona
Founder of Kataplasma
Mexico City, Mexico

How to book a Brand Strategy workshop


Get in touch
Let’s talk about you and your brand. I’m all ears as to why you’re here. What’s on your mind?


Set a date
The workshop takes 2 days to complete. Block off your calendar. Let’s brainstorm.


Make it happen
Build the brand you always dreamed about, the one that people are waiting for. You can do it.