Hello, I'm Anat!

After 25 years of working as a designer, I knew that something in my business wasn't working anymore. When I discovered brand strategy, I reconnected with my passion for design. It led me to work 1:1 with other creatives.

Moving from being a designer to a brand strategist was a huge step for me. It inspired me to share my journey with others and create a webinar and workshop teaching what I've learned in the past 25 years. I couldn't imagine that there was more... until I discovered coaching.

Working with a coach and taking a year-long coaching training program shifted my perception. I realized I want to do more than help people transform their brand and business, I want to partner with them to transform their lives. They deserve to live out the magic they've always had in them. Being a coach, co-creating with creatives is my true calling.

My Mission

Find joy in what you do, build your own process, and impact the lives of others through that.

I'm here to walk with you through your journey, co-creating every step of the way. We'll go wherever curiosity takes us, fully committed to you and your goals. I'll be your mirror and reflection because you already have it in you to do extraordinary things.

It's about partnership and trust. Together, you’ll create magic for yourself and feel confident about taking action towards the future.

My Core Values


Following my intuition and digging deep to unravel your extraordinary self.


Walking in your shoes, being there with you and for you every step of the way.


Co-creating the life you always dream of and taking action toward what's possible for you.

What Creatives Say About Our Work

There is so much value in you going through your process. It's an easy-to-follow streamline process that I can keep repeating with my own clients. Your openness to explain how you do it, seeing how you did it for your client, is so valuable. The way you explained it simplified everything in a way that makes total senses. So thank you so much for this process.

Yaritsa ArenasBrand Strategist + Designer
Long Island City, NY

This was such a magical experience. Really creative, like going to an art museum in Paris, there was such a refined quality about it. And also very open. You have this really nice balance of having high standards, but also taking people through this extraordinary experience. People feel lifted up, but they’re still grounded in the standards and the clarity. So it’s this beautiful, beautiful energy that you bring. That’s what helps people really get to where they want to go joyfully. It was really fun. I’d love to do all my strategies like that!

Francesca DavisBrand Coach / Fusion of Brand Strategy & Life Coaching
Liverpool, England

Through Anat's coaching, I gained clarity about my priorities and worth. I’m a person that overthinks, even about the smallest things…I will go crazy thinking about them. I worry all the time and it makes me emotional with the people around me. But since I started working with you, I feel light in every way. You’re great at asking questions that challenge me to think deep. You give space for me to openly share what I’m going through–my struggles, failures, and wins. You being there listening and asking the right questions made me realize that all the answers I was looking for were already in me. Working with you has been an amazing journey for me. It’s my first time having a coach and I’m happy you took me in. I realized having someone guiding you and being there for you is a big blessing.

Rowena CañadaSocial Media Strategist + Manager
Manila, Philippines

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