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webinar For Creatives

How to Translate Strategy into Design

Learn how to translate your client’s vision and their customer’s needs into visual design with confidence

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February 08, 2022
09:00 AM
pacific time
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What You’ll Be Learning on This Webinar


Develop a process for translating brand strategy into visual design that applies to every strategy and every client.


Create an original design that reflects the connection between brand strategy and identity, and speaks to both your clients and their customers.


Translate words and abstract ideas into an effective visual language with confidence.


Build trust from the get-go between you and your client, and make your client feel seen and heard.

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The presentation deck will be available for download, so you don't have to worry about missing any important points from the webinar.

Translate Words into Images Exercise

One exercise with 4 easy steps to help you get started on your visuals after every strategy session.

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Q&A with Anat

A special session in the webinar facilitated by Anat where you can ask and share anything that's on your mind.

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Hello, I'm Anat

I’ve been exactly where you are. Now it’s your turn to learn my secrets.

While interacting with other creatives and sharing my process, I learned that many brand strategists feel they still don't know how to bridge the thinking, planning, and strategy of their client's brand into visuals.

When I offered to help out the creatives in my community build their own repeatable process, people reached out to work together. I realized that what I see as natural, basic and obvious can be a little fuzzy to others. This journey led me to the joy of helping creatives translate strategy into design.

There is magic that happens between running strategy and designing brand identity, and I want to share this process with you.

What Others Say About the Webinar

There is so much value in you going through your process. It's an easy-to-follow streamline process that I can keep repeating with my own clients. Your openness to explain how you do it, seeing how you did it for your client, is so valuable. The way you explained it simplified everything in a way that makes total senses. So thank you so much for this process.

Yaritsa ArenasBrand Strategist + Designer
Long Island City, NY

This was such a magical experience. Really creative, like going to an art museum in Paris, there was such a refined quality about it. And also very open. You have this really nice balance of having high standards, but also taking people through this extraordinary experience. People feel lifted up, but they’re still grounded in the standards and the clarity. So it’s this beautiful, beautiful energy that you bring. That’s what helps people really get to where they want to go joyfully. It was really fun. I’d love to do all my strategies like that!

Francesca DavisBrand Coach / Fusion of Brand Strategy & Life Coaching
Liverpool, England

The exercise of translating words and abstract ideas into visuals made me realize that I jump to conclusions. I set out to search for options with a preconceived idea of the outcome instead of letting myself explore different possibilities. I also realized that I tend to search for solutions within what I already know; I connect ideas to something I already have stored in my bank instead of looking for something new. That was huge. It was great to see where my limitations came from and how I can let myself explore more freely. Allow the space in my process to get curious and see where that takes me. Make it more fun, I suppose, by opening my mind. I really liked the energy at the workshop and that it was flawlessly put together.

Zuza HicksBrand Strategist + Designer
Sacramento, CA / Warsaw, Poland

I am working on offering my clients a more rounded 'brand strategy - into design' type of package. The fact that you started in design and then found brand strategy later in your career is very inspiring to me, as a lot of people seem to only offer design or the strategy, but not both.

You were very generous with the knowledge you shared with us and left plenty of time for questions and discussion. The exercises were fun and good for learning in a practical way. The example you showed us was beautiful and I loved hearing you talk about your thinking behind the concepts and how each stage of the process led into the next one. You stayed on track and did not wander off subject. You were also very gracious towards everyone in the group, you answered all questions comprehensively and we all learned a lot from you. The pace of the presentation was perfect and beautifully designed (of course!). Thank you Anat!

Mary FlemingBrand Strategist + Designer
Wexford, Ireland

Using the words that the client says over and over to develop the brandscape was the most valuable thing I learned in the webinar. Before the webinar I felt unsure and a little insecure about the next steps after brand strategy. After the webinar I had more clarity and ideas on how to translate the brand strategy to brand identity.

Stephanie JadotteOwner + Creative Director + Brand Strategist
Fort Lauderdale, Florida

This Webinar is For


Who want to translate the thinking, planning, and strategy of their client’s brand into visuals.


Who want to get confident about crafting a unique, meaningful and impactful design based on strategy.


Who can see that developing a repeatable process for creating designs based on strategy will enhance their business.

Learn How to Translate Strategy into Design

February 08, 2022
09:00 AM
pacific time

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Translate Words into Images Exercise
Webinar Recording
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Q&A with Anat
More Freebies to Help You Save Time
Free 30-minutes Coaching Call with Anat
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Frequently Asked Questions

How long is the webinar?

Around 90 minutes depending on the questions and the exercise.

If I miss this webinar, when are you going to talk again?

This is the last time I’m running this webinar. You can either sign up for this one and get the recording, or wait for the course.

I’m going to create an online course from this webinar in the next few months. You’ll be able to join the waitlist for the course after the webinar will be done.

How much does the webinar cost?

This webinar costs $50 while the early bird promo is still active and will go back to it's original price of $100 after.

What will I get when I sign up for the Webinar?

You’ll join the live webinar. You’ll learn Anat’s step-by-step process of how to translate brand strategy into visual design. You’ll get to ask Anat questions and get answers. You’ll get to know other like-minded people. You’ll work with other creatives on how to translate words and abstract ideas into colors and visuals. You’ll get the webinar recording and presentation deck. You’ll also get a 30-min free coaching session with Anat.

Is there a way to learn more about the step-by-step process?

Sure, I'm teaching designers and brand strategists how to translate strategy into design. You can find more here.